...our Fabio playing on TV:

,,,Fabio has just made the first round of the italian TV-show for musical talents: Tu Si Que Vales!...

...the show is now also available online at: http://www.wittytv.it/tu-si-que-vales/fabio-pesce-19-settembre/560369/ ,,,


Probably the first theremin-interpretation of napoletan music:

...our Fabio just returned from playing an open-air theremin-concert with interpretations of classic napoletan music; here is the TV-report in italian-language which contains alos some clips of the concert:



o8o8 in the studio - track 'coffeetime'

...today we've been finishing the raw mix of our new track 'coffeetime' and while listening to todays result we filmed around a little:

...just a little impression/teaser...


Reply to Gattobus 'on-the-run-tutorial'

...Gianni Proietti a.k.a. Gattobus published a short video-tutorial rebuilding the famous Pink Floyd 'on-the-run'-sequence in the OSCiLLOT modular Max-For-Live synthesizer.

As what we saw as modules there looked pretty known to as from our trusted Nord Modular G2X-hardware we took the idea and rebuilt the sequence in a few minutes on the Nord Modular environment - which was acutally quite fun! Thank you for the inspiration!

...we then made a video of the setup and posted in reply to Gattobus-video:


o8o8 support Concorso Carlo Agresti - and look for talents...

On april 18th the second 'Concorso Carlo Agresti' closed after a week filled with music played by many talented musicians and musicians-to-become.

o8o8 supported this event by providing organisational help and manning the judges-board.

At the same time secretly looking for talents to invite into their next album project...

Please find more information about the Concorso Carlo Agresti here: http://www.concorsocarloagresti.it/

And in case you want to learn more about the Accademia Musicale del Vallo di Diano check this address: http://www.amvallodidiano.it/


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